Brantley Gilbert brother Kolby Gilbert is the father of twin sons named Winston and Warrior. 

Brantley and Kolby were born to Becky Gilbert and Keith Gilbert. Kolby is younger than Brantley. The two brothers often have fun with each other.

Kolby's brother, Brantley Gilbert, is a country rock singer, songwriter, and music producer in the United States. 

Brantley Gilbert traveled to Nashville and signed with Warner Chappell Publishing as a composer.

Kolby's brother is married to school teacher Amber Cochran in a small ceremony at his home. Kolby also has a niece and nephew. He often spends time with his niece.

Brantley Gilbert Loves His Younger Brother Kolby Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert and his brother Kolby Gilbert were born and raised in Jefferson, Georgia, U.S. Brantley is the elder brother of Kolby.

Kolby and Brantley Gilbert were born to their father, Keith Gilbert, and mother, Becky Gilbert. According to Married Celebrity, his parents met at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee.

His father used to be a preacher, but now he is a successful business owner. His mother had managed a preschool curriculum at the local Baptist Church.

The two brothers often have fun with each other. Brantley shared one of his TikTok videos with his brother, where Kolby wrapped his beard in aluminum foil. 

An old pic of Brantley. his Mother Becky, and Kolby
An old pic of Brantley. his Mother Becky, and Kolby ( Source : instagram )

Brantley jokes and tells Kolby to take him to his leader. Kolby looked so funny that everyone in the room, including his brother, Brantley, was laughing at him.

After taking out the foil, Brantley again made fun of his beard transformation. The video got 18.2k likes, 350 comments, and 143 shares.

The comments were hilarious, and his followers enjoyed his sarcasm. Some of his commenters loved the bond between the two brothers, and some commented about Kolby's beard transformation. 

Kolby is also a big supporter of his brother. He is often spotted in Brantley's concerts. Kobly also shares his brothers' concert videos in his TikTok.

Kobly and his brother share an amazing bond and support each other. 

Kolby Gilbert's Wife Hannah Gave Birth To Twins

Kolby Gilbert is married to his wife, Hannah. Kolby is the father of two twin sons named Winston and Warrior. The kids were born on

Kolby with his wife, Hannah and his two twin son at hospital
Kolby with his wife, Hannah and his two twin son at hospital ( Source : instagram )

Kolby's brother shared a picture with his wife, Hannah, and congratulated him for being a dad. He captioned it by mentioning that he congrats more to his sister-in-law for bringing two children into life on his Instagram Post.

Brantley's followers congratulated Kobly and Hannah for being parents. One of the commenters stated that Kolby looked like Brantley at first glance.

Hannah was holding two babies in her arms. The babies are wrapped in white clothes, and Hannah and Kolby look so happy to be parents.